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Slightly different pizzas

Published 11.06.2016.

When it comes to favorite pizza ingredients, Croats are, according to research, quite conservative and prefer ham, cheese and mushrooms. Contrary, one of the more popular ingredients in Brazil is – peas! Exotic in all respects, the Japanese are very fond of pizza with squid and mayonnaise! However, when it comes to unusual combinations of ingredients for pizza, the furthest they go the ones who eat the most - Americans.

One restaurant in Colorado offers pizzas whose ingredients are cashew, cream cheese, mozzarella, spicy sausage, and tomatoes. St. Patrick's Day is good for trying some of the weird combinations of green-colored food and drink, so it is no wonder that for the duration of the holiday, you can order a pizza with corned beef and cabbage.

Restaurant Can Am Pizza in Washington is preparing pizzas stuffed with the meals from classical Indian cuisine. US restaurant chain Cici's Pizza Buffet serves unusual pizzas only. One of the most famous and, as said, the most delicious, is filled with the macaroni and cheese (but without our favorite tomato sauce)!

However, rarely seen imagination in using the remains of food after holiday lunches showed the chef of the Italian restaurant "La Bottega" in Manhattan. He invented the pizza, which is a combination of the highest quality food remains after Thanksgiving, which among other things contains a turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and gravy!