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Who eats the most pizza

Published 11.06.2016.

Restrained Norwegians mostly eat the codfish. Here it is, the first big delusion! Believe it or not but they are literally drowning in frozen pizzas! Norwegians eat more than 20 million frozen pizzas annually and concerning the latest research are in the first place in the world by the average number of eaten pizza per capita.

Next most insatiable are Americans who annually consume 13 kg of pizza per person, which is about 65 pieces. Big fans of fast food ingest even 350 pizza cuts every second! Brits worship pizza and fast food in general. More than half of the total UK population eat pizza at least once in 10 days.

After the Brits and the Germans, Frenchmen are the 3rd leading European pizza eaters, that consume an average of one pizza a week per capita, equivalent to about 10 kg per year.

Despite indelible traditionalism, the Japanese however strongly follow the fast-food trends, it is estimated that at least once a week they have a pizza on a menu. Oddity - in Japan, the pizza is eaten on special occasions, such as anniversary celebrations.

Surprising, but pizza creators have completely failed - an average Italian eats about 5 kg of pizza annually, equivalent to approximately 24 pieces.

Enjoy your pizza cut!