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Pizza cut pouch - a fashion accessory or ...

Published 11.06.2016.

You read it right, it's not a joke. If you want a transparent plastic pizza cut pouch that is worn around the neck, no problem - the company with very significant name Stupididiotic is a supplier.

Almost every day, something new and unusual appears in the world market that attracts us with its functionality and innovative design. Almost every day, something like pizza cut pouch appears on the market, that if not anything else, turns us either to laugh or to seriously consider the need for a psychiatric examination for its inventor.

Pizza cut pouch is made of two connected triangular pieces of plastic with a strap zipper. The pouch does exactly what its name suggests: keeps your favorite pizza cut for later. If you drive late at night in the middle of nowhere, having some bite seems like a good idea, and with this portable pouch, your favorite pizza cut is always at your fingertips, i.e. around the neck.

According to the geniuses of "wearing pizza pouch is brave (and delicious) and fashionable move that will make anyone more popular and attractive." Price? Not frivolous at all: 8 USD. Would you like to be different, here's your chance - just wear a pizza pouch. At least until the pizza cut dress appears ...